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Want to know how to get followers on Instagram?

How to do it right without investing a lot of money and not doing dubious methods?

You are in the right place.

Of course, there are quick ways to recruit subscribers. For example, buying them or using bots. But Instagram has tightened measures regarding fictitious activity. These gray methods can increase the number of subscribers for a while, but they will not bring any benefit in the long run. I recommend cheap instagram followers.

Your goal is to create an audience of real people who are really interested in your company and interact with it. Only in this way your Instagram strategy will give the business real results.

Click on any tip below to read the text, or continue to scroll down and read the full list of ways to recruit subscribers for free.

Think Instagram promotion strategy

Promotion in any social network without a clear plan leads to a loss of resources and low ROI.

Since you are reading this post, you are clearly looking to get more followers on Instagram. This is a great place to start. But it should be part of a larger strategy that is related to your overall business strategy and marketing goals.

Think about why you need more followers on Instagram. Maybe you want:

  • increase brand awareness,
  • increase sales of products,
  • drive traffic to the site.

A focus on these business-oriented goals will help maintain your Instagram account and tell an exciting story about a company that will attract new visitors and make them loyal.

Create a single brand story and visuals

Maybe you want to satisfy the curiosity of visitors by demonstrating how your product is manufactured. Or want to share an employee’s opinion to give the company a human face. If you want to position your brand as inspirational for change, try to demonstrate the lifestyle or achievements of customers.

Whatever your goals, maintain your brand identity, visual identity, and narrative style. People should easily recognize your publications at a glance.

Create a great profile description

Your profile is the basis of your presence on Instagram, and a well-designed profile is the key to growing your audience.

Two-thirds of visitors to business profiles are not subscribed to accounts. Your profile should convince these people to click on the «Subscribe» button. They will not do this if the profile is incomprehensible, empty or not attractive.

Here is what information you can fill out your profile:

  1. Name. Contains up to 30 characters, is included in the search on Instagram, so you can add a keyword.
  2. Username. Name yourself the same as on your other social networks, then your subscribers from other platforms will easily find you on Instagram.
  3. Website. The only place on Instagram where you can specify a clickable link (in addition to calls to action in advertising or swipe up in Stories).
  4. Profile description. You have 150 characters to convey the personality of your brand and show new visitors why to sign up for your account.

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